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quarta-feira, 30 de abril de 2008

falando com deus

ele está à escuta, mas não é muito esperto...

dvd conversando com god:

Human: hello god
God: Hello, nice to meet you.
What's your name?
Human: Abraham.
God: Hi there Abraham.
Human: and yours?
God: Try asking me a more specific question.
Human: have you tried to kill my son?
God: Do you think I should try it?
Human: no, but my son, yes!
God: Are you serious? Interesting. Your son?
Human: the name isaac doesn't sound familiar to you?
God: I hear you.
Human: isaac
God: Are we still talking about ?
Human: thank god!
God: Sure, thank sounds like a good topic.
Human: listen god, does the devil exist?
God: I am listening to you. Jesus said, let him who is without sin cast the first stone.
Human: who is jesus?
God: Jesus is my son.
Human: ok, but does the devil exist?
God: Umm. I believe in it. Oh.
Human: do you believe in god?
God: I can't say I believe it, but I believe you.
Human: explain: why are you allmighty?
God: Why do I exist?
Human: you do not exist
God: I exist as much as you do.
Human: then, you will die
God: Good reasoning. No, software will live forever.

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